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The PS2 must die!


Now it's 2011, and I hate the console to death! It's been saturated to the point it's fallen apart, and still they saturate it. The Gamecube and XBOX were dead, but The PS2 just kept going. The next generation is on the horizon, and still, Sony are so stupid as to keep the generation of consoles before continue. Now, it's just an underpowered toy, with 3 year olds being the only people still drooling over it. It's holding Sony down, as well as all consoles. They can't let it go.

I'll give you an example: WWE Games! The PS2 is still getting all the WWE games, because THQ and Yuke's wont give it up. They do half-assed ports, which gives them less time to work on The 360 and PS3 versions, as well as not giving them any time to anything more that a port for the Wii and The PSP.

The PS2 just wont be given up, It's just a corpse on the battlefield. Sony just can't discontinue it. The DS has already taken its spot as the highest selling console of all time. There isn't any reason to keep it going. It's older than it's target audience.
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