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"DS is Gay"


I just ignore him, then he sends another comment: "your so gay XD next u say u liek wresling lol" That moment I wanted to snap his neck or at least knock some sense into his head. The saddest part is that he's not a troll.

My lord...................... They're just so illogical. They're basically saying "No, you can't like this, 'cause I don't, and I saw a 10 year old with it, so that must mean it's homo-erotic". They think that just because a game doesn't have blood, sex, booze and guns, it's 10 and under. These are the kinds of people who want the R18+ rating so they can play more violent games, while people like me want it for a better classification system. I get a lot of it from those homophopic, thick headed "Cool Kids"

Why can't people play games because they're fun, and not because they're so-called "Mature"? Some gamers are just pitiful these days.
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