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3DS Release Date for US Announced

3DS Release Date for US Announced
January 19th, 2011

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS will be available in the United States March 27th, 2011. It will be available for $249.99. With a five hour battery life and a three hour recharge time, will launch titles like The Sims 3 and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked be enough to keep major interest? I know I�m certainly not dropping $250 on a handheld that will basically require me to have it plugged in at all times. Did Nintendo get too ambitious with the 3DS? Maybe not. According to Geek.com�s article, the 3DS comes with more than just a charger and stylus. It also comes with:

�AC adapter for Nintendo 3DS
�SD Memory Card (2 GB)
�AR cards (6), reflecting the play outside the camera using the compatible software

It looks like it just might be worth its high price tag, but how many of you are going to wait until the alleged Ocarina and Star Fox remakes hit the shelves before picking up the 3DS?

-Jes Richards

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