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$349AUD for the 3DS?!


When I heard that the 3DS would be $349 here in the land of Oz, my jaw dropped. That's just a huge amount of money to pay!

Our dollar's stronger than the US, so it makes it even more blindingly obvious that we're playing much more than them. What makes it worse is that there are no game bundles and games will cost around $78AUD. Than means I have to pay $427AUD to get the system and JUST ONE GAME!

I'll still be getting it at launch. Thankfully, GAME has a good offer: I can trade my DSi and any 2 DS Games to get the system for $189AUD. That'll mean $267AUD for the system and a game. I've saved up $200 so far, and have the system Pre-Ordered. I'm going to try to get a part-time job to get the rest of the money.

I would get the system even if it cost $3500. That's how deep my love for Nintendo is!
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