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100 hours in; Gran Turismo 5

Racing in any form.

That's the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about GT5(Gran Turismo 5). The variety of things to do is second only to the amount of things to do. Even in a single class of car, you can do so many different types of racing. Everything about GT5 just scream quantity. Seasonal Events alone can easily be the only thing you play, and you wouldn't get bored.

If you enjoy racing, you can't get bored.

There is just so much to do in gt5, and the quality matches the quantity. Yes the Menus are clunky, yes the online isn't the best, yes the loading times and constant tiny installations can be annoying, yes it took them 6 years to make(which apparently is a problem...) But when your in a race, when your behind the wheel, none of that matters. Racing, in gt5, is incredible solid, and that is what counts. At the end of the day, it's not about whether a few buttons are clumsy put together, it's about being on the race track. That is where GT5 shines, and it shines very bright.

Before I end the blog, I just want to point out, that I didn't mention all the other modes of gt5. Kart racing, drifting, pick up truck racing. In fact, I didn't even really mention Drifting, an entire mode in gt5. There is just so much to do, and I can't drill that point in enough.

If you don't care about racing, you won't care about GT5. If you never liked gt in the past, you still won't like it. The formula for gt hasn't changed much, although it has changed in the right places to move from 4 to 5, if your still in the past. If you like racing, in any form, gt5 has something for you. And I bet, you'll be coming back, for hundreds of hours.

Result: (if you like racing games)MUST PLAY
Result: (if you only like one type of racing)RENT
Result: (if you don't like racing)SKIP

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