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RexwolfTrivia, Season II: A New Hope

Not so long ago, right here on Destructoid...


When the RexwolfTrivia contest first appeared, it was viewed by many as a fun diversion, but it got ugly, quickly. Soon, several frontrunners appeared: The young Chancellor Dixon, and Jedi Master Occams. From the beginning, the wise Jedi Master was suspicious of the Chancellor's methods and motivation, believing that something sinister was taking place. However, the rest of the contestants and community members thought that he was being, to put it frankly, a sore loser. Then, on the eve of the final day of the year, Chancellor Dixon Seized the final question, and using the power he gathered, crowned himself emperor of the Cblogs!

It was abundantly clear then to all who had doubted Occams before. The trivia contest was simply a farce, a facade, a ploy for mrandydixon to gain control over the Destructoid community! Not only that, but he was also revealed to be none other than the powerful Sith Lord, Darth Bonerus! Now, the Cbloggers live in fear of the evil Emperor and his troops, and the Jedi are thought to have been extinguished from the blogs. All hope is not lost, though. A new trivia contest has appeared, and it can be used to topple the tyrant and grab back what is rightfully ours! Now, who will answer the call? Who will defeat Andy? Why the hell did I think a loose Star Wars parody was a good idea?

It was still better than some of the things that he's done with the franchise, though.

Anyway, here are the rules-

-There will be a maximum of seven entrants, possibly less
-To become an entrant, you must be the first to answer a trivia question correctly
-Five points win
-One answer=one point (duh)
-mrandydixon, you won the first time, so you'll have to sit this one out (sorry!)
-However, anybody who competed in the first run and didn't win can still compete.
-Have fun! (Seriously, if you don't, I will boot your ass out of here in a second. Don't think I won't.)
-[edit-I forgot to mention the prize, dammit!] The prize is the same as the first time: If you win, I will write a blog for you, you just need to send me the prompt. Look at my recent Air Ride blog for reference.

And now it's time for...


[edit: My first question was a bit obtuse] In A Link to the Past, who gives you the shovel, and what do you find with it?


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