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Will Sony Ever Learn?...........................


Hi! I came to Dtoid a while ago because I loved how diverse the community's opinions were. I trolled Jim's account to start and get people's attention, even getting my first troll message frontpaged! It's hilarious and I even out-trolled Jim! Read it at this link:http://www.destructoid.com/darksiders-vs-zelda-a-compelling-argument-162834.phtml

Anyway, I'm going to talk about how many amateur mistakes Sony have made with their NGP. I'm not going to have big capial letters and call them Faggots, I'm just going to present my side in this argument. Agree or Disagree with me all you want, but the internet is for Freedom of Speech!

This tale begins with E3 2010! Nintendo destroyed the competition with the epic 3DS! I can tell you, when that was announced prior to E3, I screamed "YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" upon reading about it. I wasn't really that excited about 3D gaming, but seeing the 3DS, how amazing it was, and not having to wear 3D Glasses completely changed my outlook on 3D! Sony then went to say that their 3D was better, even though there's no innovation in their way of doing it. They said that 3D was only for the family at home, yet they're biggest hyped 3D game was Killzone 3. Also, They said the same thing about motion gaming, then used SIXAXIS in their PS3 controller, and then released a very uncreative failure called the Playstation Move which was a Wii Remote with too many button released for the exact opposite reason the Wii was released: To Compete with their rivals. SOny just worry too much about the competition and trying to match them hit-for-hit.

Recently, the NGP was announced and had the original touch screen and motion controls. It's a slightly compromised PS3 in your hand!!!! Not many Hardcore gamers are heavy travellers, so they're never too far from their PS3, defeating the purpose of it. Even if they are on the go, the console will have only about 5 Hours Battery life max, and the games aren't pick up and play at all.

Secondly, all the games so far are just PS3 ports and portable versions of PS3 games. The 3DS has a couple remakes, but it actually enhances them and on top of that, has its own orignal lineup of games.

This all shows that Sony are making the same mistake of "Waiting 'til it's popular and saying it sucks until then" and just too many mistakes to name. They've been in the Gaming Market for 15 years, for crying out loud! Sony could lose a lot of money on gaming if they don't pull up their socks or just give up. Nintendo will always know more about gaming, how to please everyone and how to compete with the opposing companies. Sony worry too much about the competition and trying to best them. They try to intimidate Nintendo and say they're better than them. Nintendo just play it cool, pretty much ignore the competition, and just let you decide whether you want to get their console. Sony should learn that you shouldn't pick on someone bigger and smarter than you!
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