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Gabe Speaks

For those who have been following the Dickwolf controversy, we have some breaking news. Penny Arcade has given an official response regarding the removal of the shirt.

In a special post this afternoon, Gabe clarified a few things and spoke out for Penny Arcade. He confirms that the removal of the shirt was due to the negative feedback they received about it. However, he says the removal was not done in the name of feminists but was done for the sake of PAX. He says he was quite concerned when the shirt's existence was the cause of some people choosing to not attend PAX.

"We want PAX to be a place were everyone feels welcome and we�ve worked really hard to make that happen," Gabe writes. "I really don�t want to have this fight and if not having it is as simple as not selling a shirt then I�ll do it."

Thought he recommends that if people feel offended by Penny Arcade's content then they should no continue to read it: "It is very easy not to log on to Penny Arcade and read our bullshit. We�ve always made offensive comics and that�s not going to change anytime soon."

But how does he feel about the public's accuses of Penny Arcade's support of rape culture? "First off it assumes a lot about us that simply isn�t true," Gabe strongly states, "but more importantly it�s not something I can fix."

Which is true, sadly. However, after the apologies, listening to the public, and even offering to refund people's PAX tickets... I don't see how anyone can stay mad at them.

Feel free to jump over to Penny Arcade to read the whole statement.
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