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mrandydixon's blog: Why Air Ride is a masterpiece

[A long, long time ago, December 30th to be precise, mrandydixon became the first winner of the prestigious RexwolfTrivia competition. Not long after, he sent me a prompt for a blog, and I proceeded to work on it, forget about it, work on it again, find out that Jim had already done the exact same thing I was doing, scrap it, not do anything for half a month, start over a few days ago, and churn out this Franken-blog. Enjoy!]

When talking about legendary masterpieces in the gaming world, there are a few names that often get thrown around. This list includes games such as Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy VII, and even 3-D World Runner.

Finally, Super Mario Kart. A colorful and family friendly racer with powerups starring Nintendo characters. Nice try, team Mario. I wonder where you got that idea from?

And so, as with all good things, this blog must come to an end. I hope that you have come to see my point of view. And if not, YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF BIASED XBRO RETARDS THAT CAN BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE!

[Also, expect RexwolfTrivia to be back by the end of the weekend!]
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