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Don't Touch My Touch!

Almost a week ago my very first "official" MP3 player arrived in the mail. I say "official" because technically my cell phone is a phone that just happens to have an MP3 player built in. I used the MP3 player on my phone, but not very much, and now I don't have to!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the proud parent of a brand new 32 GB iPod Touch!

I personally have a like/dislike relationship with Apple, which maybe I will get into one day. Just know that I stand more on the "dislike" side with the company as opposed to the "like" side. Nonetheless, one of my "likes" of Apple is the prestigious iPod. I have always wanted one but was just too tight with funds to fork over such a large amount of dough on a media player. Well, things change, and I decided to treat myself, and treat I did! I can't put the thing down! I find myself in the bed at night in complete darkness playing apps on the darn thing. The color display is absolutely amazing as are many of the great apps available for download.

I'm still learning more about the gizmo on a daily basis, nonetheless I just had to share my joy!
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