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2010 Sucked: The Death of Music Games. [Re-posted]


Mr Maeda, just shut up please!... And make good games, not shitty ones...

Anyway, there are cases that provide new breaths to the genre, one of the companies is Harmonix, which although it helps to saturation, they release games within a larger time span and decided to support their franchises otherwise, rock band games have a long time within each other to be launched, and between that time they launch DLC for their games and make the replay value go to infinity, and that is appreciated today because they care about music games and don�t saturate.

In conclusion ... This saturation of games that has been set between the years 2009 and 2010, destroyed, buried and profaneness the genre of musical or rhythm games with lots and lots of shitty games or more of the same. My advice: Seriously, let them rest, stop doing mediocre games because you (talking to you Konami and Activision) are destroying these games that in the late 90's and the first decade of 2000 achieved complete success, leave them for a while or give em wider launch dates for development. Fix the formulas and don't make crap.


And excuse my English here, used a translator to write in English because I couldn't write something long in English and my main language is Spanish, well if you wanna read it on Spanish I will leave a copy in Spanish in my blog, enjoy it, please don't be so hard...
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