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D-Toid Floridians, Let's .... Let's Get Together!

The D-Toid Florida group hasn't been very active in the mainstream sense for a while. A few people have their own little meetups here and there, but that's about it.

Well, that's about a to change! Or, at least I hope so!

Recently the D-Toid Florida group has been discussing having some possible NARPs (No Apparent Reason Parties). We are have enough people in and/or near particular areas to get together and have some fun, IF everyone is willing to do so. Orlando and Tampa are certainly set. I live in North Florida and there are a few of us exchanging ideas, but I have a feeling that there are more people in my general vicinity out there, hence me writing this post.

There is also talk of a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, FLorida (I meant to do that by the way) get together at some point. We don't want to just jump into it, hence we are planning away in hopes of the greatest meetup ever!

If you're from Florida and interested in joining in on the D-Toid Florida mania, hit me up! We would certainly love to have you join us, plus the more great minds, the greater our chances of all of these things coming to light.
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