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2010 Sucked: Kinda [I Was a Teenage Gamer - 011 - 16/01/2011]

I'm going to forgo my normal introduction paragraph this time because in this post, things are different. This is a monthly musing post and therefore, I'm going to treat it differently. This is of course bearing in mind that people who read monthly musings may be different from the usual rag-tag crew of gentlemen I extort into reading my regular posts.

2010. Did it suck? That seems to be the general opinion. However, I feel a little differently. The year was dominated primarily by anticipation of Sony and Microsoft's new motion-control gimmicks and winded down into the usual Fall dogfight between several "triple-A" titles. That said, I submit to you that 2010 did not, in fact, suck. It was simply overwhelmingly and undeniably:

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