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2010 Sucked: Writer's Block


So we're all agreed then, dinosaurs are cool.

It's not like 2010 was particularly bad. Heck, there was a ton that got right to the heart of what I'm after. I hear great things about Enslaved and 999 and Deadly Premonition. Even beyond the mainstream, there's a host of indie games jumping at the bit to fill the niche. No, 2010 sucked because it brought us too many games which fell short of the shining light of real soul. There was Black Ops and Dante's Inferno and, simply, not enough. Not enough character, not enough story, not enough for me to fill my lungs and life with.

This isn't anything new or exceptional. This is simply what gaming is. It's still enjoyable, still a slice of joy on angel wings to pick up the latest shooter and get 'er done with the friends or lose a couple hours to some quirky little adventure game, and that's great. But in 2010, it wasn't what I wanted. 2010 didn't suck because it was any different; it sucked because it was the same. It sucked because I found out what I really needed, character and story and more than immediate, reactionary fun, and it wasn't there.

See, this? This is why no one talks to you at parties.
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