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The 3ds battery life and why I can't buy the system day 0.

As an owner of a nintendo ds lite, a psp 1000 (yes I know), and every game boy I think it's safe to say that this is pathetic. I'm currently broke as I write this, but I'm so loyal to nintendo that I was going to sell about 75% of my wii games and all of my ds related things, games systems etc. Battery life is a big deal for me. I'm only sixteen, but even I travel a lot. During the school year when I'm not working I tend to be out of the house. The weekends I rarely ever get to sit around too. So on average I don't play a whole lot on the weekdays and on the weekends I'm always doing something out of the house. This only gets bigger in summer.

So when I'm not out of the house for around 8-12 hours at a time on the weekends I like to have something that I'd like to know will last me through the moments of down time. Currently I'm playing golden sun dark dawn, there's 30 hours of play time on that thing. Do you know how much I had to charge it? Twice. It's been the same way with nintendo consoles, my time, and the batteries. Well before they were rechargable.

Ever since the game boy nintendo has always been on top of battery life. How do you think they won over the il fated game gear, lynx, and long forgotten TurboExpress? When the gameboy was released graphics whoring was a major marketing gimmick. One year away from super nintendo era anyone? It was the battery life for parents and batteries, the games for the people who bought the thing, and the developer support that followed as sales went to the game boy.

I mean hell, for the longest time I've had no interest on the psp's. I've had one for a while now and I've never gotten into it. I mean, it has two of the main things that brought the game boy to the top. Games, (castlevania, metal gear solid, killzone, crush, prince of persia) and developer support (Monster hunter, little big planet psp, modnation racers). But throughout my busy lifestyle, managing work, friends, and just going places, I've always chosen the nintendo console. Mainly because with all the settings down I've only gotten around 4 hours for this guy.

Hell, monster hunter is one of my new favorite franchises, but my problem with it is I can't take it on the go. Yes I know about the freedom series and portable 3rd. Mainly because the battery life is piss poor on my psp, at around 30-40 minutes per quest, that would amount to roughly 6 quests. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't, a lot of things go into a quest, planning, not taking a lot of time to plan, not dying.

You can probably tell I like the series by how much I rambled, so when I heard the possibility of a 3ds monster hunter (keyword possibility) I was psyched. Finally my favorite time sink franchise mixed with the stellar battery life of a nintendo console. Then this news comes a long.

For the first time, I won't make a day 1 purchase on this thing. All the things add up against it man, poor launch titles, poor battery life, poor charger (A dock so you can play and charge?), poor price (near 300? I know it's probably near 250, but still) and what appears to be just a cheap gimmick as cool as it is. So yeah, I think I'll just stick with my lite for a while.
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