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Five Games From 2010 I Think You Should Play

The 2010th year since we put �AD� after everything has come and passed. As a lot of people are expressing, 2010 kinda sucked in a lot of ways. However there were some good things that came out of the year 2010 so while everybody else, including myself, gripes about the crap they thought sucked I thought I would also provide a little glimmer of light and talk about some shit that was good about 2010. In short, I�m going to bullshit for a few minutes and tell you about five games that came out this year that you should play.

Now assuming you haven�t already scrolled past this down to the pretty pictures I�m going to give you a forewarning before you start setting shit on fire because I didn�t include Mass Effect 2 on here. I�m going to circumvent talking about the heavy hitters of 2010 such as Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the other traditional Game of the Year contenders simply because talking about all of those games, again, would be a colossal waste of your time and a waste of space on my blog. Plus pretty much everybody has fucking played those games already, so why talk about games I think you should play that you�ve already played.

Just Cause 2

When did it fucking come out? February 2, 2010

Despite the game apparently being forced to release pretty premature by the owners of the Star Trek license, seemingly to get the game out while the new movie was still fresh in everyone�s minds, Cryptic Studios I thought did a great job with Star Trek Online. The game boasts two combat engines, one for ground combat and one for space combat. Ground combat has been kinda iffy and can make away team missions a little cumbersome. However the game excels when the spaceship combat comes into play. Space combat in STO is exactly what ship combat in Star Trek is supposed to be like, and it�s what I wish Eve Online had instead. Yes it might seem weird that I�m recommending a game that I do not actively play anymore, however the reason I dropped the game was because I hit the maximum ranking sooner than I anticipated and took a break to let the game grow and bring on additional content. I�ve kept tabs on STO for a while now and Cryptic has seemingly done a good job keeping things fresh for the community. While DC Universe Online is less than a week away and The Old Republic looms over the horizon, I would still suggest checking out Star Trek Online at least for the free trial period you get with buying the game.

So, when you're all done beating your meat over Red Dead Redemption and Super Meat Boy, I say go check this stuff out.
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