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SephirothX�s Post-Holiday Acquired Game Review � Vanquish


There are a few other little things about Vanquish I do want to point out as well. People complained about bosses having one-hit kill attacks that could be frustrating, honestly pretty much all of these moves are pretty avoidable assuming you don�t let your guard down and bosses telegraph them fairly easily, the only one of these that even remotely frustrated me was the one-hit-kill move that The Unknown boss has. Vanquish also has one of the more entertaining final boss fights I�ve had in a while, which for me stands out because final bosses in a lot of games tend to be extreme let downs for me. The final boss battle in this game has the necessary levels of difficulty, challenge, and �appropriateness� for the game.

Vanquish won�t set the world ablaze with anything trailblazing since the game is more or less a hybrid of western and eastern combat ideas along with new and old gameplay, however it definitely should find its way onto the shelf of any gamer who likes a solid action title. Lacking any multiplayer or cooperative gameplay will hurt its replayability in the eyes of some but it should at the very least hold you over until Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 roll out, or at least until Vanquish gets a justly deserved sequel of its own. I�m happy to say that after Platinum Games horribly disappointed me with Bayonetta, they rebounded in my eyes with Vanquish.

Overall Vanquish gets an 8 out of 10. It�s not a breakthrough game, but it�s a game that can gain even more popularity with a sequel. But make no mistake, this game is fucking hawt.
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