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Resident Evil Card Game Review


If you're a hard core RE fan, there is nothing wrong here or rather nothing you'd accept as fact. Likewise, people entering the genre will have no frame of reference on everything this game does wrong. But that's the same as saying Yo Noid is fucking genuis if a player never touched a Super Mario Game. With enough modifications and expansions, there is still potential for RE:DBG to be good, but it's going to take a lot of work. Hopefully Bandai is willing to learn their lessons, PLAY some competitors, and burn the calories needed to save this game. But with knowledge beyond RE, I cannot rightly suggest it. As one of my friends put it while playing the game, "It's like they only let video gamers playtest this and completely ignored board gamers."

If you're dead set on playing a deck building game, try Ascension or Dominion instead. Hell, even give Thunderstone (I'm not a fan but it does this game better) a shot. But for now, give Resident Evil a wide birth and see what they do with the expansions.
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