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Shoot the Breeze: Beyamornings?


Thundercats, complete with mildly offensive but totally bodacious maiden warriors. Good Saturday night. By the way, is the Thundercatsí treatment of the mutants thinly veiled racism or is that just me?

Also, commando team of sharkticons. God damn do I love these cartoons. You know in the movies when the hero reaches inside himself to find the strength and courage to save the day? Thatís why the fate of the world could never be put in my hands. When I search inside me, all I is find Transformers and guys named Snowjob.

Alright, just a few points of order before we wrap up. And the first is going to make me out to be a real dick, so hold on tight. Not, to, uh, me, obviously. That'd be uncomfortable for everyone, especially with the dickishness. But, I mean, if youíre the kind of fella who likes holding on to Ė well, whoím I to judge, right?


A few days ago, the community got rocked by a certain Sonic-loving fox. Now, that sort of thing happens, and on the whole, whatevs, but Iíve got a few words weighing me down. While the response was not without its charm Ė who doesnít believe in Occams? Ė it left me much embittered.

Look, I internet here because the folks have got a, I donít know, a decency to Ďem, and reading through the comments on those blogs, I saw none of that. The minute you scream, ďGTFO,Ē you lose what makes you special. Iím not your mom, itís not my place to tell you what to do, but whenever you pound something out on that keyboard of yours, Iíd encourage you to take a look at it and decide whether itís something you really want to say.

I donít know, what I saw there, that loss of something Ė dignity, maybe Ė it hurt. Iím not mad or any such thing, just disappointed. But anyway, thatís all Iíve got to say there.

Besides which, in a week, the goldfish brain in my indelicately shaped skull wonít remember a bit of this.

Hey, before we move on, can anybody explain why Sonic became the furry (ahtnropomorphophile?) messiah? Why not, like, Crash Bandicoot or Jazz Jackrabbit? Man, Iíd get it on with Jazz Jackrabbit. Iíd do it for the carrot euphemisms alone.

So, the good news. I think weíre going on hiatus for a couple weeks, at least as far as this laughable Shoot the Breeze dance goes. Between Christmas and starting the next term, I got stuff to get done. Still, kind of hoping to put out a monthly musing or a holiday blog or something. Anyway, just a heads up there.

Try not to miss me, baby.
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