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New Setup Blog (20+ pics!)


This is the view of my living room from the couch.

So it�s been a while since I posted one of these and you all seemed to like the last two I did so here I am with round three. I�ve actually been using this current setup for about half a year now, sorry it took me so long to get some pics taken. So without further adieu, let�s get to the pictures!

Here is a close up of my TV stand. The TV is angled like that so that is parallel to my couch.

Super close up of the boys. The 360 has a 120 gig hard drive while the PS3 has a 60. The PS3 is fully backwards compatible and has a new 120 gig hard drive waiting to go in it.

Due to a lack of space, my Wii hides behind my TV. Also, check out how thin my TV is, LED technology is badass.

Open the doors on my TV cabinet and you�ll find my Playstation, Dreamcast and Super Nintendo collections. Note the original Final Fantasy III cart in the lower right hand corner. That is my favorite part of my video game collection

Here are some peripherals for my 360. That�s the renegade edition of DJ Hero, two tournament edition fight sticks from madcatz, one of which is the limited edition BlazBlue model, #1224 out of 1500, and the 360 racing wheel.

My desktop PC and Nintendo collections are displayed here. The PC is mostly used for watching illegally downloaded wrestling PPVs but I also enjoy an occasional round of Team Fortress 2 on the big screen. The NES games I�ve had since I was a kid. They could use a good cleaning.

Mr. Destructoid stands watch over my current-gen handheld games. I wish I could display my old gameboy/gameboy color/game boy advanced games but they�re small and not conducive to being displayed. They�re all in that �game stuff� bag you see at the bottom of this image.

This of course, is my Steel Battalion controller. What�s that? You don�t own one of these? Well I guess you�re not much of a collector are you? You can also kind of see my Genesis 1 and 2 underneath the shelf. Above the Steel Battalion controller is a bunch of random charge wires, headsets and controllers, as well as my original Playstation and Playstation 2.

Here are my two game towers. I�d really like to replace them with one unit but that unit will need to hold 300+ DVD cases. I just haven�t found the right one yet I guess. Also, I know I listed each game in my collection for my last setup blog, but that was waaaay too much work, so I won�t be doing that again. Check out my Backloggery for a full list of my current gen games (I still need to add everything from last generation and back).

Check out my floor to ceiling tower of game boxes! I don�t know why I�m so proud of it but I am. Let me tell you, every time I buy a new game that comes in a box I can display, it is a total pain in the ass re-arranging everything so the new addition can fit. That question mark box is probably one of my favorite things ever. It is the box that my Club Nintendo platinum reward statue arrived in and I have to say, I almost like it more than the statue itself. By the way, the DVDs on the second and third shelves aren�t games, they�re movies. Exciting, I know.

This is my other bookshelf, the one I actually keep books on. But because books on a shelf are quite boring, I keep my game related action figures here too. I�ve got a few stuffed Pokemon on top, along with my stock Xbox 360 faceplate. And the next two shelves hold figures I have purchased or received from collector�s editions and happy meals.

On the right there is the Club Nintendo platinum reward statue I mentioned earlier. It�s pretty neat, it�s made out of a really tough rubbery material and it feels like it could really take a beating. Also pictured here are the Lugia and Ho Oh statues I got for preordering Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver as well as the die cast Skyline model I got with the collector�s edition of Gran Turismo 5. The three toys on the left were from Taco Bell kid�s meals. This also happens to be the shelf I keep all my old strategy guides on, check �em out on the left.

More game figures, from left to right they are: The Bioshock collector�s edition Big Daddy statue, Fallout 3 vault boy bobble head, Undertaker figure I got with a slurpee from 7-11, Crimson Viper figure which came with the Street Fighter IV collector�s edition, two Viewtiful Joe figures I bought and the Mickey Mouse figure that came with the collector�s edition of Epic Mickey.

This is the stand that sits behind my couch (notice the ugly plaid pattern on the bottom? That�s my couch. I know, yuck) it holds my game controllers so I don�t have to keep them on my coffee table. I also keep my DSi, DS and PSP here. And obviously, the centerpiece is the Legendary Edition statue from Halo Reach.

Moving out of the living room, this is my laundry room, which Master Chief looks after for me.

Here is my bedroom setup. The systems on the lower shelf are unfortunately not hooked up, but the Xbox, Dreamcast and Gamecube up top are all ready to go. I tell you, nothing sets the mood in the bedroom like a couple rounds of Crazy Taxi.

I had to take a picture of my awesome Bloodrayne poster above my bed. God bless the women who sleep with me, they put up with so much.

Here�s a shot of my kitchen table with the Master Chief helmet from Halo 3�s Legendary Edition as a centerpiece. Again, the women in my life put up with quite a bit.

Why am I showing you a shot of the rest of my kitchen? Take a closer look if you�re really not sure.

Yep, I keep a Playstation 2 hooked up in my kitchen. Did I mention that the women I have over put up with a lot? Yeah, I thought so�

So that�s my current setup, I�m rather proud of it. I know I�m a maniac but so are most collectors. If you made it this far, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think.
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