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Shoot the Breeze: A Lifetime of Accomplishment


Bitter joy is a mug of joe. A good cup of coffee is like stepping into the nocturnal Amazon hand-in-hand with the woman you love, a warm stroll into the weighty cacophony of a moonlit forest wrapped in silky covers woven from the perfume of wanton life. Iím starting to worry I might have an addiction problem.

On the subject of problems, my hair is the lumpy bear of our jungle adventure (Iím trying to remember the bear from The Jungle Book. Baloo?). Just a real mess, all blobby and formless, defiant of both gravity and my bravest attempts at style. Maybe Iíve mentioned this before, but itís my gravest enemy and one of the few things on this earth I truly hate. Some days I dread going bald; some days I welcome it as the nuclear finale to our lifelong war.

Listen to Passing Out in America by Alexisonfire. If I remember, Iíll throw in a hyperlink there, but itís up to you to dig it out if my memory slips. I donít recommend it because itís beyond compare, but it happens to be playing right now, and if you give it a go, weíll be sharing a moment across space and time.

Plus itís got this part where the guyís like, ďWHEEP-WHEEP-WHEEPĒ and my heart feels like itís been kidnapped by a flock of starlings.

If I can plunge niche for a second, Doctor Who, less the dues ex machina that tears out suspension like potholes do for an old car, but plus the inexpressible brilliance of Matt Smith, is a truly enthralling ride. Tennant is a hero, but Smith is head and bow-tie above in terms of out-and-out entertainment, while sacrificing little of the, uh, whatím I after here, maudlin mischief? Good stuff.

I miss playing games, man. I know, thatís about the most inconsequential thing in the world, but I havenít had anything to really pilfer my attention for a while. Guess Iíve got some gifts due, but the only thing I expect to really play is Fable and I can already sense my disappointment there looming strong. Is this how my dad felt watching me go out to play T-ball?

I really want to play some XBL Indie games. Is good stuff happening there? Anyone know? Ugh. Ugh. This is the ultimate Indian Burn of no internet. No Indie games. But oh well. The lords of my land (read: the basement) have returned, so maybe I can plea for a decent connection. Sípose Iíll have to pay a tithe or some such.

Oh, and on one last personal note, next week Iím scheduled to have a drink with my soon-to-be-legal brother. Gunna be uncomfortable. Hereís hoping your days are unburdened by the awkwardness that runs through my life like bubonic rodents in olde Europe.
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