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Which pop star recently made a surprise return to the group Take That?

Was it..

A: Robbie Williams
B: Robin Williams
C: Rob Zombie

That was the weekly question I received by text, for the episode of the gadget show I wasn't even watching.

As usual, I laughed at the sillyness of the question and responded with nothing more than a text saying "A".

3 weeks later, the phone rings and it's a number I don't recognize. "It's probably my mobile company calling about me paying my bill late" I thought...

"Hi, can I just confirm your mobile number please? OK, that's great, I'm calling to let yo know that you've won the gadget show competition! Congratulations! I need your details, height for the bikes, shoe size for the rollerblades and trainers, and clothing size for the Golf clothing."

Shock. Days of shock. Not sure if it's real or a scam. Then the list arrives by email....

(Bear with me, it's seriously long..)

A 50 inch plasma TV
A 32 inch LCD TV
A 19 inch LCD TV
And a Sky HD Package for a year
An iPhone 4 with the One plan for a year on the 3 Network.
And an iPad
A £300 pound iTunes voucher
A Panasonic TZ10 camera
A Gorillapod
Immortal Eye Gear glasses
A Kodak Playsport
A Sanyo Xacti camcorder
A Casio rugged camera
A Polaroid 300
And a Minoru 3D Webcam
A Blu Ray player
A selection of Blu Ray movies (12)
A 5.1 surround sound system
An Apple TV
And a Monster Cable Bundle
A Nintendo Wii
Dsi XL
Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board
Xbox 360
PS3 Slim
PSP go
Playstation Move
Xbox Kinect as soon as available
A High end Gaming PC
A Blaze Megadrive handheld
A jOG Game Controller
A Pyramat gaming chair
And games for the consoles (10)
MacBook Laptop
multi touch mouse
D Link Router
Pretec Memory Stick
Sector 9 longboard with King of watersports t-shirt
Tom Tom Go
Parrot AR Drone
Revo Maze
And a bundle of Gadget Show mechandise
iPod Touch
B+W iPod dock
Urbanears headphones
Monster Turbine Pro earphones
Reddmango photo frame
Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner
And Oral B electric toothbrush
A Gillette Fusion razor
Nike Luna Glide plus running shoes
A Berghaus Rucksack
A Surefire torch
A Seahawk Suitcase
Alert Me Home Security System
Uniross Easy Charger
Celestron Telescope
Berghaus walking boots
An Aladdin flask
And a set of Calvin Klein golf clothes
"Our top 5
inline skates" Remz Haffey 2.0 Roller Blades
Xsjado Stockwell blue
USD Demetrios George
Valo Tv.2 Skate
Rollerblade Solo Era V.2
"Our Top
5 kettles" MAGIMIX 11561 Kettel
De Longhi icona
Eco 3 Electronic
Tefal quick cup deluxe
Dualit dome
"Our top 5
sports watches" Garmin 405CX Sports Watch 
Cardiosport GT5
Timex Ironman Race Trainer Kit
Polar RS8000CX
"Our top 5
lights" Flatlite
Bathroom Colour Changing LED Chrome Shower Head Light
Glow Graffiti
2C Solar Light Cap
"Our Top 5
RC Flying Toys" Silverlit: Heli Mission
V22 Osprey
salvation pro helicopter
"Our top 5
Scooters " GoPed Know Ped
Razor Cruiser
Atom 4
Xootr Roma
Micro Black
A Samsung Netbook
Western Digital Hard Drive
Kodak printer
Windows 7
Slappa Laptop bag
DigiScribble Scanning Pen
And free broadband for a year
A Slingbox pro
Kindle e reader
Archos 7
Roberts Dab radio
Logic3 Amp
Logitech Speaker System
Bose quiet comfort headphones
Wowee Portable Speaker
A Leapfrog Zippity
K‚Nex Video Coaster
Zyclone Blaster
Maisto RC car
Rubik's Slide
Mattel Mindflex
Mini Cooper RC Car
Arctic super soaker
Wall-climbing mini car
Wild sling Water Bomb Launcher
Carbine rubber band shooter
HexBug Nano
Two AK47 water pistols
A Super Soaker
And an air blasters dart gun
An Easy Glider
A Mezzo Folding Bike
A Boardman Comp SC Roadbike
A Marin Mountain bike
Land Roller skates
Kangoo Jumps
A Big Trak tank
An Electric Shock Pen
A Flytech Hoverpod
A USB Microscope
An Aerobie Flying Ring
Arm wrestle game
Wrist walkie talkies
A Lego Mindstorm
And a JoeBot Robot
An Airzooka
A wham o frisbee
A Phantom keystroker
A Pop up tent
A star wars mind trainer
A USB Videotape Converter
An Alive board
A Tefal Actifry
Hydrocoach Water bottle
Phillips Juicer
Philips wake-up light
iRobot vacuum cleaner
And iRobot robotic mop
A Breville toaster
Morphy Richards steamer
Magimix food processor
Dyson Bladeless Fan
Kenwood Chef
A Krupps Coffee Machine
A Power 8 workshop
A Cusinart Soup Maker
FX special effects software
A wowwee Alive interactive cuddly toy

Phew, man that list is epic, but not half as epic on paper as it was in real life! Two weeks later, this arrived...

So for all of Monday my house was packed like some kind of gadget warehouse! Until I got through box after box, marking stuff "keep" or "sell" and unpacking and setting up all the keep stuff.

I was really interested by the "High End Gaming PC" from the list, was it going to be a big Alienware tower? Was I going to be able to plug it into my TV? Or would I be needing a desk?

Then I spotted the box, this is probably my favourite thing on the whole list...
(unfortunately Dtoid seems to be having trouble uploading that image, but it's a Sony Vaio Touchscreen PC, like a 24" screen, with the whole PC built into it, one cable, no tower, wireless kb/m it's gorgeous. Which now lives next to my 50" plasma TV.

I don't seem to be able to upload images taken on my new camera.. weird. But the only images worth mentioning on there are of my new TV, with PS3, cable TV, surround sound and Xbox 360 plugged into it. PS3, surround sound and Cable box taking up shelves on my media unit, and the 360 taking pride of place, on the floor down the side of my unit. lol.

Bit of a bummer that I'm having trouble with the other pics, maybe too big from my new camera, who knows.

I'm sure I'll sort it out and when I do, more pics will follow....

So yeah, I'm one happy happy bunny right now, blogging in my den, from my Macbook, listening to Sleigh Bells really loud on my amplamp.

But I've got to go, as someone is coming round shortly to buy my Easy Glider - I'll never use it.

And in case it matters to you, I've so far sold enough to pay off about 75% of my debt, that's all I'm selling, enough to pay off my debts. The rest is mine I tell you, ALL MINE!

I'll try to find something cool to do a Dtoid competition with too.
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