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A Sony fanboy gets an Xbox360...

As you probably know, I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy, I'll admit it, I ain't gonna hide it.

So I just got my first Xbox 360 yesterday, won it in a competition (pics, and full epic delivery of 2nd best day of my life blog coming soon) wouldn't have paid money for one, but a free slim? With Kinect (selling)? I ain't going to say no!

Yesterday I didn't even transfer my old PS3 to my new one (won a slim PS3 too), despite the fact that my old one is hella noisy. Instead I set the 360 up, grabbed Black Ops from my local shop and sat down in my gaming chair (also won) in front of the 50" plasma (won) to play some CoD.

OK, so apparently when you register a LIVE account you get a free month or something? Not me. I think because I signed up on a PC before getting my 360, to secure my username (Foolishbean69) that I missed out on that one. Nevermind, fuck it, I'll be playing for a year, purchase one year 40.

"Great, so I'm online, got CoD, let's get busy. Ew, the controller feels wierd, sure I'll get used to it. Game seems OK, can see what people mean about poor graphics, but it's plenty of throw-away fun."

You have been disconnected from the server (or words to that effect)


Checks internet..

Download 45mb/s
Upload 4mb/s
Ping 16

Literally in the space of maybe 3 hours, I got disconnected from the game maybe 5 times. Not to mention some noticable lag, and it taking AN AGE to find games.

*I've grown bored of this now and I'm playing Tropico 3 on my new Sony Vaio touchscreen PC*

Again today I get back from work, Mrs SC amd SC mini are out, so I've got the place to myself and the neighbours deserve some comeback for being such noisy bastards recently. Set up my new surround sound system (won) and get in the gaming chair. Fire up CoD. (In doing so, get lost in the NXE thingy, man, that is FUCKING HORRIBLE) and hit "Multiplayer".

And wait.

And wait.

"The Call of Duty servers are currently unavailable, please try again later"


I know, this is Activision's problem and not Microsoft's, but never the less, I'm currently paying whatever it costs per day to NOT be able to play the game I want to play.

Xbox LIVE is Fucking Brilliant. Well worth the money.

I mean, it's not like I can NOT play CoD and get kicked out of game after game after game after game on the PSN for free, is it?

Oh wait, i can?

*Fires up PS3 and is too busy playing awesome games, and actually playing them online, to write blogs.*
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