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NVGR What to Watchtoid: Post-Thanksgiving Flying Dropkick Edition


File this under the �so bad it�s good� category. Plus it�s pretty damn family friendly since it�s one of those late Showa Era �Adventures of Godzilla and Friends� type movies. It�s really one of the low points of the entire Godzilla franchise, but in a lot of ways it�s the Plan 9 From Outer Space of monster movies as well. So there�s some definite entertainment value to be found here. The catch? It�s fucking hard to find and last I checked it was only released stateside on VHS. So you might need to use the magical internet to find this movie somehow, not that I encourage doing anything illegal. Otherwise maybe we�ll get lucky and SyFy will play it for terrible shits and giggles, maybe they�ll follow it up with Raptor Island as well. Rumor has it that this movie was filmed in 3 weeks, and considering the terrible story and huge chunk of recycled stock footage from older Godzilla movies I can believe it.

The plot, if you dare call it one, is that people who live in an underground kingdom are super pissed at all of the nuclear testing going on at the surface. They get pissed off and unleash their monster Megalon to the surface to go wreck shit up. Yeah, this would be like me getting pissed at my neighbor for his dog shitting on my yard and in retaliation driving a truck into his fucking living room. Oh, and this truck is full of giant poisonous cobras. And Cthulhu.

This movie really does suck. However it does have this one totally redeeming moment in cinematic history.

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