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[NVGR]My Top 5 favorite 'bad' music videos

[First, let me say, I use youtube quite often when trying to discover new music. Searching one of your favorite artist, can lead to similar bands being just a page down in the results, It's a great tool for discovery, and of course, for listening. Being so, when I went through the terrible period of between ipods, I relied heavily on youtube to get my "only 7 hrs and 59 more minutes till i can go home, hopefully this music makes it go by a bit faster" fix.

Now while this was happening, I inevitably stumbled on some music videos, and I was taken back at how terrible some of these were. Most are a testament to how far we have come in video technology and computer enhancement. Odd splicing of two shots together, crappy camera angles, and repeating the same effect over and over and over again, all crimes these videos commit...


I keep coming back.

So here is a list of a few of em' that I just love.

This blog totally isn't inspired by Elsa's bad games you love
Also, this list is obviously influenced by my taste in music, this isn't a worst of all time, this is my list, so don't bother correcting me on not getting the worst music videos here.

5.Go to Hell. Megadeth
Oh man, if you know me in the slightest, you know I love me some megadeth. They are bar-none my favorite band, and after years, I still love nearly every song they have made. But this video, just, who thought these were good camera shots? It's like they had some one's little brother hold the camera, and Dave Mustaine was just "try and make it look edgy" And took his raw footage. The singing underwater effect they pull is terrible, and looks odd, but... i can't look away! Constant shifting of images makes things hard to follow, and the clutter makes it difficult to focus on what you should. But it some how bleeds classic megadeth, and I keep coming back, for a laugh, and for those catchy bass riffs.

4.Blue. Eiffel 65
WHHHA!!!! Floating t.v's that are playing different videos on one video, mind blown!
Ahh, the advent of the 3d graphic. Clearly the geniuses at Eiffel 65 saw this as a god send and knew, NAY foretold that this would be a hit! Back in 1998 when this first hit the T.V, I remember i was impressed with the aliens, thinking they looked really cool. It wasn't about the music, it was the action scenes! It wasn't about the meledy, no, the singer was fighting blue aliens, that was the coolest thing ever, Only robotic space dinosaurs on a asteroid with Dumbledore as their leader on a mission to kill all the pirate ninjas of Neptune could top this video...As Time went on, I grew old, and so did this video.(however my idea is still awesome).

3.Enter Sandman. Metallica
Oh boy, Lars must have fallen in love with stop-motion here, because nearly the entire video is shot in it. On top of odd splicing of random things (that creepy old guy at the start, wtf is he? WHAT IS HE? ), makes for something of a mess of a music video. They really should have had a seizure warning at the start of this. I just keep coming back to this one, to see how long i can watch without my turning away, so far, I'm up to 36 seconds.

2.They don't care about us. Michael Jackson
I love me some MJ. Odd looking bloke, but some of the best music i've ever heard. They don't care about us is no exception, unless you watch the video. They add this legion of drummers to the mix that i thought really adds a cool little bit of oomph to the song, along with the typical "HAAAAAAAAA" or "HOOOOO HOOO" from the moonwalker himself, that isn't in the recorded version and that alone keeps me coming back. But my only question is.

1.Monster. Flotsam and Jetsam
If you were diligent enough to actually read my last blog, you'll know I find the latest efforts off one band quite amazing. A visceral mix of sweeping ballads and heavy rock, with some amazing chorus sections and what not. However, Flotz (as they are so abbreviated) were not always so. First starting thrash, and having a awkward transition into a more heavy rock focus, they made the album High. In my opinion, a fine album, fairly standard, and nothing to amazing, but not lacking in any department either.

Now the video, Monster, I haven't a single clue as to why this was made. Odd slow motion pop ups of the drummer, a odd humping motion of the singer, copy pasting of the guitarist for no reason, close ups of a girl above water, nothing particularly makes sense. It's a guilty pleasure, but i love this video, one of those so bad it's good things. See for yourself. Oh, and they love them some claw rip transition.

Pallet Cleanser
Here is a little diddy by Four Year Strong. Just a example of how to make a music video when you don't know what to do. Shots of yourself in concert, shots of your band on the road, shots of your band having a good time. Done. Simple, safe, effective.
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