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RexwolfTrivia: Dream On

Hello again, and welcome to RexwolfTrivia, the weekly event in which I bend you greedy fools to my will with promises of points and-

Well that was odd. As the scoreboard stands now, mrandydixon (Fun fact: I did a double take when I first saw his name because I know a guy named Randy Dixon) has four points and is one away from winning and setting into motion the events of the apocalypse. Trailing right behind are the oh-so-HandsomeBeast and everybody's favorite image weaver, who both have three points. In possession of two points each, we may see DynamoJoe and a pair of penguins. Following those two, Kristina is still only at one point. Lenigod is at negative one points, because that is what happens when you try to correct me.

Also, Beyamor has 2/17 of a point, just because I think he's a swell guy.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is an amazing movie. If you like video games, you owe it to yourself to watch it. During the movie, there is a dream sequence in which the background music is a track borrowed from Zelda. This song is also featured on the file select screens of recent games, and is found in restful places. Name that tune!


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