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Sidequests of a reviewer

... or �What the heck have I been playing besides the stuff I have to review for my side-job?�
That title would have been too long. If haven't done so, check out my other pieces about my two first months as a videogame reviewer for a daily newspaper. Might be interesting.

So, what have I been playing these past few months? A lot of iPhone game pop up for me first, especially the Cave shmups �Espgaluda 2� and �DoDonPachi�. It actually was my very first experience with a Cave shooter and holy hell, they are a blast. Cuts all these bus rides I have to take short. Same goes for �Game Dev Story�, absolutely amazing and addicting game, where you are managing a videogame developer. Most fun I had in quite some time, really.

�Dragon Age: Origins� was something I bought a month ago, but really, I'm only 10 hours in, seems that reviewer job takes out a lot of time. I like the game, good writing etc. All the stuff we came to know and love about Bioware games. I found it to be a bit too hard on normal, so I eventually had to put it down to easy. Works great for me now. If only my GPU wouldn't have decided to die, I would be playing it right now.

�Pinball FX 2� is absolutely brilliant. I just love it. I have a certain childhood fascination for pinball games, so this is actually like a dream come true for me. The tables are awesome in their design and the leaderboards actually give me quite some motivation. Also, �Monday Night Combat� is still a lot of fun. I pop it in like twice a week and it always surprises me with how much fun it is. If you want to, you can always add me to your friendlist (Neo Subenu).

Most importantly, I got myself the PAL version of �Deadly Premonition�. It's... fascinating. I could point out so many things about that game that are really terrible. Combat is a constant punch in the balls, the graphics are great for a Dreamcast game and the animation is something that could have been done by a North-Korean animation studio. But I'm actually having an absurd amount of fun. As to the question why: I still have to investigate on that...

That's pretty much it for now... I will try to write more in-depth blogs about these games, but that's pretty much how your gaming will look like if you write videogame reviews as a side job. I'm actually surprised at how much I'm still able to play other games.
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