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An Adventure in Rejuvenation and Rejoicing

Most, if not all, gamers each have a favorite game that, be it lost, broken, or scratched to near-unplayability, they are unable to play. When this happens, it is a tragic loss, and depending on the rarity of the game, they may never be able to play it again. Up until recently, my broken game was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

I got my copy of the game a few years ago, searching Gamestop stores all over Northwest Ohio to get my hands on Link's Gamecube adventure and finally finding a used copy in a store relatively far from my home. About a year ago, it started experiencing hiccups, and they only got worse as time went on. Soon, the game was nearly impossible to play, requiring the opening and shutting of my Gamecube every single time I went through an area transition, be it a door or a patch of the sea. Instead of simply being a minor hinderance, these interruptions got worse, requiring me to reload the disk several times in a row, or even forcing me to reset my system, a message met with profanity that would make a twelve-year-old on Xbox Live blush. After realizing that I could no longer stand playing the game like this, I set it aside, never to play it again.

Yet, yesterday I felt an uncontrollable urge. I needed to turn back time just to play the game again, to sail the Great Sea, and to skewer Ganondorf with the Blade of Evil's bane, bringing peace to the world. I had tried to fix the disk before, but to no avail! For some reason though, I tried again, scrubbing and polishing the disk, trying, hoping, praying. I then popped the disk into my Wii, and almost immediately got an error message. Still, I perservered, refusing to give up on my game. I went to the title screen, and...

SUCCESS! The game started to run. I went through a door. The game followed with nary a hiccup. Each successive door went smoothly, and each sent a double shot of joy, straight to my brain! The game had finally been fixed! Continuing through the second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, I encountered my first cut scene. That, too, ran smoothly and perfectly! Now, I was not just playing the game, but I was marvelling at it, excitedly taken in the graphics which I had once ired in the days when the game was scratched, revelling in the music that had previously meant toil and frustration, and going through the gameplay with a smile, which had previously been interrupted by messages seemingly sent from hell, but no longer! For the first time in what feels like years, I felt pure, unadulterated, childlike joy and excitement coursing through my veins! The disk, previously a device used against me to torture me and exarcerbate my anger, was once again mine, exarcerbating nothing but my steadily growing smile.

And now, I must bid you farewell, for I have places to sail, people to see, and monsters to stop!

Yours truly,


[Edit: SHITBALLS! Got a (thankfully) nonlethal error message after beating the boss of the earth dungeon!]
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