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Another Kotick Commentary


As the gaming industry continues to develop and refine its image, we all can't help but think �why is that guy still around�. We all have that one person who festers and multiplies in our head, leaving us dumbfounded as to how this individual can masquerade the way it does through the tides of the industry. For some of us, that individual could be someone like, say, David Jaffe. Nice guy. Maybe the occasional butt-hurt snarky comment on twitter, but nobody is perfect.

For most of us, though, that person is Bobby (Da Hut) Kotick. Famously remembered for his controversial comments on the industry, Bobby has been a thorn in our vaginae for some time and has ruled his empire unopposed. �Why can this professional troll continue business as usual?� we ask. Although Bobby is a pro shit disturber, he knows who to publish and how to sell his gold plated crap (ie Call of Duty). I've got to tip my hat to a man who has the large egg sac full of overdeveloped testicles on his undercarriage for accomplishing what he has with such a hateful fan base (wat). I think that he wakes up every morning and greets the sunny sky with a hiss, hops in his motor craft and scoots off to work. When Kotick enters the work place he gropes the secretary, shits in the coffee and recedes up into his cave dwelling to feed and smoke for the next eight or so hours.

Activision has recently acquired a small (large) portion of Blizzard Entertainment, creatively named �Activision Blizzard�, and proceeded to push sales on Celestial Horse mounts and fucking Rocket Ships. Having once stated that he would love to raise the prices of games even higher (he wasn't kidding), Bobby has (confusingly) lost very minimal consumers. Unfortunately, if the man can sell it, he deserves a seat at the adult table. I, myself may have purchased maybe two Activision games in the last 15 years (Spiderman 2 and something unimportant). One of which was used. And I later traded it in.

What do you guys think of Activision and Bobby's actions?

(For any of you who may think that I am claiming Activision is a bad company, that's incorrect. If a company could publish and create so many top-selling games they'd have to be good, right?)
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