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Skate it sound glitch and a question for you!

Hey Dtoiders okay over the past month or so I've been playing skate it on my iPod touch. I bought during that .99 cent sale they had going on. Seeing as im a pretty big fan of the skate series, I thought hell I might enjoy this one too. I was wrong way wrong, but anyway as soon as I started the game, it shows some footage of real skaters shredding it up. This led me to get pretty pumped for the game, and as soon as the EA screen appeared the music was cut up pretty badly. At first I thought chiptune? Only to realize the sound was messed up. I figured ehh EA will release a patch. So after looking around I realized no one else had this problem. I was going to write EA a letter telling them my download was messed up but frankly I got too lazy and forgot. I pretty much played the damn game with the sound like that and to be honest I got used it and kinda enjoyed it. When i updated my iPod to the newer firmware I started up Skate it again just to kill some time only to hear that the sound was fixed. I got pretty excited then after playing for 10 mins or so, I came to realize I missed the cut up sound.

So my question to you Dtoiders is: Have you ever enjoyed some kind of glitch in your game, that has then been either patched or fixed?
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