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Destructoid Fantasy Football 2010

Much like last year, the DToid Forums are hosting some fantasy football! Our 10 person league is all filled up and drafted, so I decided to make a short blog post showing how awesome we are and the cool things up for grabs this year, and also a bit of info on how our draft went!

I always figured Fantasy Football was pretty much a game. It may fall a bit short of a video game, but it is generally played on computers so... close enough. This year, myself and 9 other people, bbrigg, smurfee_mcgee, ChillyBilly, blehman, Kauza, JT IceFire, WarZombie, norm9 and gatorsax2010 will be put into 1 on 1 confrontation of raw physical and mental skill, as we watch players do things we have no control over and gamble on their success!

What are we gambling? Well someone could win a sweet, familiar looking hat from JT

Who can resist? I know I sure can! Still, last year it was a lot of fun, and the prizes always help keep people from dropping out!

The draft was fun and full of shenanigans, as we Skyped and Drank and told jokes. Mostly at the expense of myself! Doesnt matter, I still got to pick just before Blehmeng and steal all of his players! Good times were had! Now, I will post the first two rounds of our draft for the hell of it!

Round 1: FIGHT

(1) Hollywood Mouse Ears (GatorSax) - Chris Johnson RB
(2) Magic City Skunk Apes (WarZombie) - Adrian Peterson RB
(3) Almost in a box (Smurfee_Mcgee) - Ray Rice RB
(4) Buseyville Buseys (JT_IceFire) - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(5) Murderville Baby Punchers (bbrigg) - Frank Gore RB
(6) Swamp Donkeys (Kauza) - Steven Jackson RB
(7) Rediculous Taints (ChillyBilly) - Michael Turner RB
(8) Joe Theismann's Leg (norm9) - Drew Brees QB
(9) Jim Sterling's Country Buffet (ArcticFox) - Aaron Rodgers QB
(10) Metro City Moustache (blehmeng) - Andre Johnson WR

Round 2: FIGHT
(11) Metro City Moustache - DeAngelo Williams RB
(12) Jim Sterling's Country Buffet - Shonn Greene RB
(13) Joe Theismann's Leg - Randy Moss WR
(14) Rediculous Taints - Reggie Wayne WR
(15) Swamp Donkeys - Peyton Manning QB
(16) Murderville Baby Punchers - Roddy White WR
(17) Buseyville Buseys - Ryan Grant RB
(18) Almost in a box - Tom Brady QB
(19) Magic City Skunk Apes - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(20) Hollywood Mouse Ears - Cedric Benson RB

I will likely keep this updated throughout the year. Or not.

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