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We're Screwed: Other M comes on Dual Layer and no Gravity Suit!...


Ok, on the last "Iwata Asks" Satoru Iwata was with with members of Team Ninja, and we discover that even while using a dual-layered DVD, the development team barely managed to "squeeze" all the content in.

Yes, we are f*cked up, again another DL disc, and we all now about how much trouble is to run a DL disc on a Wii.

This game is the 4th DL disc on the wii catalog:
-Super Smash Brothers Brawl (6,78 GB)
-Metroid Prime Trilogy (8,7 GB)
-Samurai Warriors 3 (7,43 GB)
-Metroid: Other M (??? GB)

From Silconera:

On another note we got the news that there will no be a Gravity "Purple Sexy" Suit on Other M, instead there is a "GRAVITY MODE" with purple aura arround Samus.

During development, Team Ninja assumed that Samus would go through her usual colour changes throughout the course of the game as she upgraded her Power Suit, and they modeled the iconic Gravity Suit as well. It was the last Suit in almost EVERY Metroid game. However, the Boss of the Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto, felt that the Gravity Suit, with its purple theme, looked odd and out of place during a series of serious events toward the end of the game.

Look this photo.

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