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[COVER] Chrono Trigger Battle Theme by Carson Mauthe

Hello, fellow D-Toiders! Some of you may recall my VGM covers being featured on Weekend Destructainment, but the only problem is that those were made a long-ass time ago. Well, I'm here to present to you my triumphant return to my VGM cover endeavors!

I return to my VGM covering roots with this remixed version of Chrono Trigger's Battle Theme, which is one of the very first songs I've covered (though, it was a terrible cover and I have since abandoned it). I've mastered the guitar, I've mastered the bass, I've mastered the Rock Band drums, but will I ever master the half-naked slam dancing? Who knows?!

You (yes, you!) can download the song RIGHT HERE!

Visit ServerCrashers.com to find some of my earlier stuff, and possibly my newer stuff if I'm not lazy and actually make more of these.
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