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'Magnet School: Extra Credit


Anything Else? � The best alternative I know of to Funky Jet�s genre-defying freedom of movement is unsurprisingly a homebrew creation, Inyou Douji Monogatari, which allows players to fly around at will in somewhat similar fashion, though its levels tend to be more confining. One �official� release which taps into this same spirit is actually an earlier and much more �traditional� title called Rod-Land. You get around mainly by climbing ladders, as your character isn�t even able to jump - the cool part is that you can create a ladder out of thin air, ascending or descending, pretty much any time you want, though only one �insta-ladder� can exist at a time. You can use this ability not only to traverse the landscape but to mislead and trap enemies, whom you actually want to leave alive (if possible) until you can activate a temporary �Extra� mode, during which they�ll start coughing up extra lives. If you�d like to experience another unique Mitchell puzzler which has passed WAY below most gamers� radar, Ko no e Tako is as fitting a candidate as you�re likely to find: its official page is here.


�and with that, I finally lay down my chalk, for good this time.

At this point you have experienced pretty much every worthwhile thing I know about obscure puzzle games: I declare your �formal� lessons for this curriculum to be over. That said, you and I are not quite finished with each other yet � after all, what�s an education without a little pomp and circumstance to top it off? Next week I will be delivering your graduation speech: I do hope you�ll stop by, as I intend to leave you with a few final things to think about before taking my leave. That�s all � for the final time, class is dismissed.
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