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[Otakon 2010] Unannounced Capcom game? [UPDATE]

Label this under rumor but I ran into Chris Bevins, the voice actor for Dhalsim in SFIV and Super SFIV, at Otakon on Saturday. He hinted at a quote "unannounced" Capcom game. He specifically said it is NOT the previously announced Capcom/Namco collaborations. Another possible crossover? Maybe. My money is on it being the 3rd Strike Online Edition. I'm guessing it'll be a full HD remix of the game complete with new VO. Perhaps he's not aware it was just announced at Comic-Con. We do know Capcom is focusing on it's proven franchises given it's current financial rut so more Street Fighter games besides the ones we know about are very much a possibility. I'm not sure if this qualifies as news but I thought it was worth mentioning.


I went to Bevins' Q & A session Sunday to see if he could clarify what he may be working on. The game is not the 3rd Strike remake. He knows all about it but it's so early in development they haven't even contacted him for VO work. He did say it will likely get the full HD remix treatment Street Fighter II received so he very well may be a part of it. Bevins also said that the cast of SFIV will remain the voices of their characters as long as the SFIV brand continues to produce games. SF vs Tekken included. Whatever project Capcom is cooking up he isn't involved yet but said he's "keeping his fingers crossed" and hoping they get him to do it. So the final word is Capcom does have a secret project in the works right now we just don't know what it is. Ideas?
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