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TriplZer0's Personal July Recap

TriplZer0�s Personal July Recap
Welcome one, welcome all to my personal recap for the month of July! This is where I�ll talk about games played during the month, thoughts about said games, and any other useless information I think you guys would want to know. It�s a few days early but oh well. If big things happen between now and the end of the month, I�ll write an addendum. So come with me as I take a look back at month number 7.
July sucked. Here�s why.

Videogaming Related Reasons

As stated here � July�s problems began when my PS3 and FFXIII had a little bit of a disagreement. Namely the JRPG was kind of a dick and said, �Nope sorry, don�t want to work on your console.�

Here�s the rest of that story. After testing my save file on my brother�s system � I drove specifically down to San Diego to do it, and it worked � it was suggested that I replace my console�s laser. Since Sony wanted $150 just to look at my console, I decided the laser would be cheaper. I replaced it, no problem.

FFXIII still froze at the same spot. That�s fine. Fuck that game anyway. I shelved it and moved on to Ratchet & Clank � A Crack In Time. Damn fun game. Everything was going fine�until my game froze so badly that I had to use the power switch to turn off the system.

Kind of like this, but with a PS3.

Here�s the ultimate icing on the shit cake that is July: when I turned it back on, my PS3 wouldn�t play PS3 games anymore. It doesn�t recognize that a disc is in there. PS2 games work just fine. TriplZer0 used Technical Wizardry! It wasn�t very effective. My only hope is that I can fix the problem by putting the old laser back in. Otherwise I am royally boned. I won�t be able to afford a replacement system for a long time and the closest holiday where a replacement might be a viable present (or something) is Christmas.

Non Videogaming Related Reasons

In late June my girlfriend and I moved in to an apartment in Temecula � a city about a 20 minutes to a half hour north of where we used to live in North County San Diego. The apartment�s great and my work�s been going fine.

No the reason I�m listing this is that while we were moving in, I went to park in our designated space, I hit the front left part of my car on a metal pole that held up the roof above the parking spaces. My bumper will need to be replaced � not a big deal because that�s plastic. But the metal side panel near my door shifted just enough that it�ll need to replaced too. The car�s driveable but I just found out that the crash also messed with the electrical components somehow. The back left window will roll down just fine but won�t roll back up. I can�t put it back up by hand. So it�ll just have to stay that way until I can get around to using my insurance to get my car fixed.

Okay that�s enough bitching and moaning. On to the games!

With the Playstation essentially just a black brick on my TV stand, I�ve used this as an opportunity to play some of the retro games that�ve been part of my backlog.

Games I Played/Am Playing

Bahamut Lagoon � SNES (rom) � A pretty fun SRPG with dragons. Nonsensical story about Holy Dragons and a door to a new era. Not quite sure I followed it. Also some very strange jokes with homosexual undertones between the main character and an old man character. Weird, but I can dig it.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong�s Double Trouble � GBA � It�s a port of the SNES game but with some additions. I�m about 70% through the game right now. The mini-games are some kind of pointless additions. The jury�s still out on the new music for some of the stages. And the new world Pacifica felt a little uninspired. Plus all beating the boss gets you is a Bonus Token. Felt a little throwaway to me. It�s still a fun game though and am enjoying it. The SNES version is still superior.

So that�s my recap for July. I would have played a lot more games if not for the console troubles. I still have a bunch of games from Goozex waiting for me: God of War Collection, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, Legend of Dragoon, Sly 2, Sly 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Darksiders because I want to replay it on Hard to get the Platinum trophy.

Here�s to August!
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