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Combo Videos aren't about getting the most hits anymore, or even any at all.

The first combo video I saw back in 06 when I just got an internet,

If you want a really fleshed out article on the subject, Maj is your guy. This guy has been a combo vid connoisseur for a long time now.

It seems to me like the focus of these videos has shifted from getting the most possible hits to how technical they are, so technical they need explanation. For example, Magnetro has been in the lab with Marvel vs Capcom 2 for quite some time now.

You didn't really catch all that did you? Neither did I the first time I saw it. He explains it all in a series of videos:

Part A2
Part B1
Part B2

There's just so much thought put into this! @[email protected]

And then there's this:

Wedge linked me to this a couple days ago and Eventhubs picked it up on their front page too. Shit is bonkers, I feel like this shows how great an understanding people have of a game's system just like combo videos do. The guys who did this have commented saying they're working on the next volume. I'm excited to see what they will come up with.

I'll leave you with a fairly recent favorite.

So Guy can do walk cancel combos like in Alpha 3. Can't wait to see how the pro players use it.
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