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Unveiling my new project - Dream Cancel

I've done a fair amount of promoting the fighting game genre here at Dtoid. I held the KoFXII contest, blogged about the genre a lot and started the PS3 Fight Club. All of that has been very rewarding. The part that was always difficult was that the game that most of Dtoid wanted to play was never that high on my list. I decided to remedy that.

Back when I was in college and through my 20s, Capcom was my fighting game company. Sure I dabbled in SNK, mostly SamSho, but Capcom was my first choice. I've recently realized that Street Fighter Alpha 2 is MY SF. No other Capcom game will ever live up to that title. As I've gotten older, I've found a deep appreciation for SNK games, especially the King of Fighters series. Capcom loves to compare Street Fighter to chess. If that analogy holds, then King of Fighters is like go. It's more complex and there are more options in almost every aspect of the game. I also noticed that the KoF scene is not doing so well. From what I've seen, Orochinagi does a good job on the KoF storylines, thanks to WryGuy, and Cyberfanatix is great at news but their forums are not into the more technical, gameplay aspect of the games. On top of that the scene is fractured. There are groups that prefer 98/UM or 2k2/UM or XI or any of the other of the 13 entries into the series. Now is a special time for the KoF fanbase as there is a hyped and well received new KoF that could solidify the scene.

I was inspired by a thread on SRK and built a site over the last weekend. It's http://dreamcancel.com. It's a homepage with a forum and an under construction wiki. It's a blank slate for the KoF community. My goal is to create a site that will work for experienced players as well as players curious about the series, mechanics, etc. It was opened quietly to a select few on Sunday. I considered their feedback and then made some changes. I opened it up to some SRK people and got some more feedback. Thus far, most everyone is loving it and are leaving their egos at the door.

If you have any interest in SNK, please come and check it out. I've put a lot into this and hope that it's enjoyed by as many as possible.
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