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EUFNF July 16th � Is this your first time? - Edition

Hello everyone!
This time, the Blog to EUFN is extra early. Why? Well, mostly because I have to work during the week, so the preview Blog post can't be done during the week. So, promote this blog post and the official Forum Topic as much as you can. Every little helping hand is much appreciated.

But wait, is this your first time? Wonder what EUFNF is about and what it stands for? EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights) is the place, where people from Destructoid play online games together, to get rid of all the stress that has been piling up all over the week.

You don't have to be from Europe in order to participate. You also aren't restricted to the games present here in the list. If you want to host something yourself, please write your information in the comment section of this blog post or in the Official Forum Topic. If you have questions, you can ask me, or Tarvu, who also is organizing this event every week.

The games are actually organized in three categories: Ap�ritif, which starts off earlier (normally 20h GMT +1) and is an ongoing event and normally takes place on PC. Starting 21h GMT+1 are the Main courses, where the console EUFNF's begin. If you're still not satisfied, there is a Desert on Saturday Evening!

So, what are we playing up until now?

EUFNF Ap�ritif
Game: Team Fortress 2
Platform: PC � Steam
Meetup: Destructoid Steam Group Chatroom
Who: Many people, last Friday was absolutely massive and awesome! Keep it up people!
When: 20h (GMT +1)

EUFNF Main Courses

Please keep in mind that the Ap�ritif can keep on going for as long as people want to.

Xbox 360:
Game: Unknown yet, most likely Halo 3: ODST Firefight!
Who: (Gamertag, if different from username): Tarvu, Subenu (Neo_Subenu), that guy with the hat (appollo 11 22 33)
When: 21h (GMT +1)

Playstation 3:
No Information yet!

No information yet!

EUFNF Dessert:
Game: I suggest Left 4 Dead 2 or Killing Floor on PC!
When: Saturday, 20h (GMT +1)
Meetup: Destructoid Steam Group Chatroom
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