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Airport Road Presents: Project Mario


It's been a long time since our last video, so we thought we'd post something showcasing what we've been working on. Since we want to keep the subject matter under wraps until we're ready for the full reveal, we decided to use secret code names like in the spy movies. A few of you might be savvy enough to figure out which game we're covering next; if so please don't ruin the surprise for everyone else! Be content knowing that you have a keen and analytical mind, and were one of the few able to process and link together our subtle clues in order to solve the ingenious mystery we've created for you.

In the first Project Mario vlog, Ben, Rob, and Dude will guide you through the early stages of costume construction, introduce the main characters, and argue with each other about shades of green. I'm not in this video because nobody gave me a ride over to Rob's house after I told people I totally wanted to go but didn't have enough gas to drive myself. So I sat by the phone, waiting for Ben or Dude to call and say "Hey what's up? I'm going to come pick you up because I'm an awesome friend and that's what bros do for each other". But no one ever called. I sat in our empty house alone for the rest of the night. Totally not crying.

Project Mario has undergone multiple evolutions into the final concept, and even though it's taken a while to get here I'm glad we waited for this version. It's inspired everyone to really ramp up the production quality, and we'll be showing you how the work is progressing in future installments of this vlog. This is probably going to be the biggest project we've ever attempted, and if we pull it off there's no doubt in my mind we'll finally realize our dreams of being rich and internet famous.

In other news, Rob, Ben, and I recorded the first episode of Airport Road: The Podcast last night. Going to edit it tonight with Ben and we'll hopefully have it online in a day or two. In it we talk a bit about movies, what games we've been playing, debate who would win in a battle between Godzilla and Cthulhu, recall our history with Destructoid and how we got started in the lucrative internet film making business, and go into further depth about Project Mario. We got a bit carried away, so this episode might run a bit longer than planned. Had a blast recording it, and looking forward to doing the next one!
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