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The Great Escape: The World is not as Colorful as it Seems

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, he needs to stop procrastinating on these. Also, cocks.]

Journal, Day 1

Today is a very busy day for me. It is my thirteenth birthday. It isn't going to be like my other birthdays though. There won't be any friends, no presents, no games. Today is the day I venture alone into our world in chase of my dreams. I'm not sure why I have to, but it is something that all kids my age do in our world. I am awoken from my restless sleep by my mother who tells me what I already know. I dress myself with the slow certainty that accompanies any task taking place before an unavoidable responsibility. I eat a quick breakfast, the last with my mother, to whom I bid farewell upon departure. I never knew my father, whom I know nothing about, nor has my mother fretted over divulging the details. Regardless, I begin my entry into the world.

I am to meet the town patriarch. An intelligent man, a kind of zoologist and previously a collector of rare and exotic creatures, he was to be the one to send me on my way. Age has begun to collect its due and upon arrival I am forced to reintroduce myself. Before my journey can begin, he informs me that I must choose a companion. Though his collection of exotic animals has waned over the years, he offers me a choice of one of three companions who will accompany me on my journey. I look with anticipation upon the creatures that are offered me and eventually settle on a large lizard type animal. I am told that this creature is possessed of unflagging loyalty, and would be my faithful companion no matter my actions.

It is at this time that the grandson of the patriarch enters, for he is to start his journey today as well. We are close to the same age yet we have forever been antagonists, and this would not change on this day. Due to his age, I am yet again called upon to remind him of his own grandson's name. My peer is given the choice of the remaining two beasts and after observing my choice makes his choice, a strange turtle that walks on two legs. He suggests we compete, as he has many times before, to compare our choices.

After a short time the competition is decided in my favor, my rival storming off. I decide that having nothing left to attend to it was time for me to leave and make my way in this world. I leave the home of our patriarch and venture to the northern entrance to our town. In stark contrast to all inside the borders of our town, the trail leading away is unkempt, overgrown weeds and grass obscuring any discernible path. Unafraid, I take my first steps toward my new life.

Journal, Day 3
The world outside of my town is nothing as I expected. The overgrown paths shroud hidden dangers and beasts who attack without provocation. I find myself wondering why such a young person would be expected to make their own way in such a cruel and unforgiving world.

I have not eaten or slept since my travels began, for fear of ambush. I have already found use for my companion, whom has done well in protecting me from the beast so set upon taking advantage of the young prey that has stumbled into their world. Though he has gained in strength, it has not dissuaded any would be attackers. One thing is clear, if I am to last, I must find food.

Journal, Day 5
I ate well last night, the paths I wander have proven to be abundant with small rats and birds, whom my companion finds little challenge in defeating. I feel that if I can capture some of these other beasts, they may also be made to do my bidding. There is a town that I passed along my route, home to a specialty shop which sells a device promising such capabilities. The problem is I have little money and what little I have must be spared for food and water. My plan will have to wait for now.

Journal, Day 9
This day has informed me of yet another danger of the path I travel. There are those who wish to prey on the weak and unsuspecting who travel these routs carelessly. While traveling in the late afternoon, I found myself beset by another traveler. He would accept no conversation, choosing instead only to fight, I assume in order to deprive me of my things so that they may become his boon. My companion fought magnificently, defeating his weakling beasts. He being now defenseless, I set myself upon him before he could flee.

From him, I stole his purse containing a small but sufficient sum. Having this I allowed him to escape, knowing that with no protection, he would not last long. My companion had been injured in the exchange and I resolved to seek help. I returned to the outpost I had visited earlier on the route. There I was able to find care for my companion and the first restful nights sleep I have had since shunning my old life.

Journal, Day 18
I have added to my group of vassals. The money I received from my would be attacker, provided me with the funding I needed to purchase the device that would ensure the unquestioning loyalty of the beasts of this land. Since that time, I have managed, by means I do not proudly recall, to afford a number of these devices. To make use of them, the beasts must be captured. Once this is done, I become sole warden of their asylum and command their every action.

Among my group are one of the several small birds that can be found throughout the area, a kind of large worm with a horn atop its head which it used to inject venom into its prey, and a small rat with large teeth and a fierce disposition. I am presented with proof of the cruelty of this world almost daily. On these paths, I have found those items left behind by others. Though I do not want to, I have learned to assume the worst. I have a fleeting thought that perhaps this is what became of my father. The though is fleeting as there are far more important things to concern myself with. Still, the weakness of others works in my favor.

Journal, Day 27
I was attacked by another traveler again today. Before our fight was begun he asked me how I had come upon an item I had acquired, a kind of pin, which until his mentioning it I did not know I possessed. As it happened, he himself seemed to be the owner of such a pin as well. I told him I had found it in a set of clothes I had stolen from the campsite of another traveler. Upon hearing this, he attacked me. I was able to defeat him and capture him.

I decided to question my new prisoner as to the interest in my pin if he already had one. He told me that the pins were symbols, that they were given out by powerful beastmasters like ourselves who could prove their worth in a struggle against them. Upon hearing that I had found mine, he had assumed that I was weak and would fall easily. Knowing that he know knew the error of his decision, I deprived him of his things and left him to fend for himself in the wild.

He had given me a valuable piece of information though. In this world these pins represented power. Power ensured survival. I now resolve to defeat these beastmasters and take their symbols of power. I would defeat them all and in doing so ensure that none would challenge me. I would become the best and the most feared beast master in this godforsaken world. I would become the greatest master the world of Pokemon would ever see.
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