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The Gaming Gods and the Universe Hate Me

Destructoid Community, I�m pissed. Sit with me for a moment and let me tell you why.

This game.

I�m not pissed because of this review. I�m not pissed because of the new battle system and the ridiculously named Paradigm Shifts. I�m not pissed at the overwrought story where the words Pulse, Fal�Cie, and l�Cie are mentioned every 3.8 seconds.

No Dtoid, I�m pissed because this game fucked up my PS3.

I got the game about a month ago. College was ending and I had time before I started working full time to play video games. I put about 22 hours into the game and was in Chapter 9. From what I�ve been told, either faceitiously � �FFXIII is like food poisoning; it gets better after 24 hours� or seriously -- �Around Chapter 11 the game really opens up� � I was getting to the good parts.

I battled through a slightly annoying section and was treated to one of the game�s many in-game rendered cut scenes, except something was off. When the scene ended the screen faded to black. Instead of coming back to a new scene, it stayed that way. No sound, no picture, nothing. My PS3 was frozen. I had to manually reset it.

Thinking this to be an isolated incident I tried again the next day. I tried to get past that one cut scene 4 separate times. Froze in the same spot every time. Naturally, I contacted Square Enix. Their first reply to my email was to just copy and paste the stuff on their support website. When I contacted them again they told me I was within the 90 day warranty period but really unless I could replicate the results on another system I was shit outta luck. They suggested using a video game retailer�s display system. I�m sure GameStop would let me if I asked nicely. Right�

I don�t have a portable HD that my system recognizes (PS3 only takes FAT 32) so I can�t transfer my saved data and I can�t play for another 22 hours at a Game Stop.

I decided to contact Amazon. Even though the disc wasn�t scratched maybe mine was defective. They paid me to send my copy back to them and sent me a new one with one day shipping. Armed with a brand new disc I loaded my file. The game froze again. Same spot.

�It has to be my system!� I said to myself. Feeling like I was making progress I contacted Sony. They were much nicer than Square and told me to call their Customer Support. I spoke to a nice woman for 20 minutes and we went through some steps including restoring factory defaults and restoring the file system. Nothing worked. My game still froze at the same spot for the 7th time now.

I received a tip from an absolutely legitimate source (that I promised would remain anonymous) that suggested I contact Square Enix again because it may be that my problem is not an isolated incident.
I�m waiting on an email reply from Square Enix. This just pisses me off because the whole thing makes no sense. I haven�t had any other problems with FFXIII until then. Nor have I had any with my system and it�s the 80 GB model that I got as a present in 2007.

All I want to do is finish FFXIII because aside from this super irritating issue, I like the game. It�s just a damn shame that universe and the video game gods (or devils) don�t want me to play it.

To sum up because this is reaching tl;dr status: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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