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In Movie Life: Bad Company 2


And last, but not least, is Sergeant Samuel D. Redford, also known as �I�m Never Getting My Retirement�. You don�t know how badly I wanted to cast Samuel L Jackson for the role. I really wanted to; like, really wanted to. But I couldn�t, because I knew that in the end, they just don�t act alike enough to justify the casting. So I went searching, and after looking at the cast listing for a lot of films featuring prominent black actors, I settled on Forest Whitaker. He�s definitely got the build of Redford, if I do say so myself, and I think he could get the strict, no-nonsense Sergeant feel that balances out the rest of the group. Plus, I loved Ghost Dog, so yeah, bias.

Other suggestions include the always ready and willing Denzel Washington, because Denzel needs to do some funny movies, Jaime Foxx, because he�s better at playing black people than playing white people and singing...sometimes, and Dennis Haysbert. Just watch his work in CBS series The Unit.

And there it is. That�s the starting cast of the upcoming (not really) Bad Company motion picture. It�s sure to be a blockbuster hit with this acting talent, right? I mean, you can use Michael Chiklis for the obligatory Russian Bad Guy, and I think Brent Spiner (The Excited Scientist from Independence Day) would make a good Flynn if they decided to add him in. And who knows, they might be able to get Stephen Lang to be the �IM GUNNA YELL AT YOU TO MAKE YOU AFRAID OF ME� colonel/commander or something.

Ah, who am I kidding? I'm just doing this so I can sleep at night. Better I get them out know so I'll just be disappointed when my picks don't actually make it, then have to scramble around IMBD and Wikipedia and Google Images looking for actors that can't even be considered then.

Seriously though, you can't fuck up Marlow.
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