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ihas a new toy!


Overall, here's my run down:

*Lots of free apps/games... basically lots of free crap.
*web browsing is as fast as on my laptop (and there are apps from G4 and IGN that stream web headlines in a nice format... Dtoid needs an app!).
*everything is FAST. Loading an app happens in the blink of an eye, same for closing it.
*the keyboard is wonderful to use and I can hook my thumbs on the base to anchor them and type with 4 fingers.

* many video sites (like CTV.ca and Destructoid) still use flash for video and the IPad has no flash (though many sites are also updating their video sections to HTML 5 which is accessible to mobile devices).
* the wireless access seems more limited in range than my laptop.
* it does not recharge via USB on most PC's (though apparently it does work on MAC computers). It's a bit of a pain to keep transferring the cord from the wall plug for charging to the computer for updating. Hopefully they'll fix this issue.
* it's a time-sink.

Good Lord... between my laptop computer, my PS3 and now my IPad, I may seriously have to consider some of those "Move" games so I get off my butt once in awhile. Then again I'm sure there must be an app or podcast on getting more exercise, let me go look...

Everybody dance now!
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