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EUFNF June 18th: Flawless Victory Edition!

Well, here we are again! Since there is that world cup thingy going on there somewhere in Africa, the main event will, once again, be Team Fortress 2 on Steam. It does not matter if you're from Europe or not, everyone can join! It's going to be at least as awesome as last time, since we have now an official TF2 Server located in the UK! So, how to join? Just team up in the Steamtoid chatroom starting 19h (GMT+1)! It's going to be awesome!

EUFNF Awesome course of awesomness:

Platform: PC/Mac (not Linux because they are unloved), Steam. Meet up in Steamtoid chat k?
Game: Team Fortress 2
Maggots: Bojangles, ClownBaby, Kris_S, Mollygos, Samwise, Scroll, Zippyduda, Subenu
Time: 19.00 BST (GMT+1)

Wanna join up? Or host something on one of the otherplatforms? Just let me know in the comments section!
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