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'Magnet School: Ochige 101

“‘Magnet School” is a group of articles devoted to the intimate study and increased awareness of obscure and unusual games, presented in a compact, structured format. To read the full, formal introduction to this series please click here.


Okay everybody, settle down - to your seats, please. Welcome to your first day of ‘Magnet School – the simple fact that you’re here tells me that the seldom-seen and rarely-discussed parts of video gaming are of at least some interest to you all. As your instructor I promise to put forth my best effort in imparting further knowledge of this subject to everyone present – that should suffice for introductions, so let’s get started, there’s lots to cover.

In front of you is the school’s inaugural curriculum, which we’ll be covering exclusively throughout our first set of classes: as we kick off this journey, prepare to meet some of the least-known and most remarkable denizens of the Puzzle genre.

Anything Else? – If you really like Monster Slider’s “field-tilting” mechanic, the first alternative title to come to mind is Gururin – in my opinion, though, this game takes the concept a little too far, and makes it very hard to keep track of where things will end up. Out on the fringes of the “puzzlers with tilting” category you’ve also got the likes of Kurupoto and Super Fruit Fall - there are others out there too, but as things stand Slider comes as my first recommendation by far.


Whoops, there’s the bell – class dismissed! Hopefully you enjoyed our first session together - homework for tonight is to try out any featured games which sound interesting to you (no excuses – I’m tough like that)! Until we meet again next week, then, play, er, study hard!
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Course 4: Phys. Ed
Course 5: Ochige 301 (Adv.)
Course 6: Free Elective
Course 7: Ochige 401 (Hon.)
Course 8: Extra Credit
Graduation Speech



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