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EUFNF June 11th - Fail Edition


Definitely appropriately titled. Since the World Cup starts today, there won't be as many people as usual. But since TF2 is free on this weekend, why don't you join for a nice game of that? We'll meet in the Steamtoid chat at 19.00 (GMT+1). Steam ID is Subenu! There seems to be something going on for PSN though, I don't know what, but you might take a look at the Forum topic.

Also, sorry for the not so meaty Blog Post. Maybe I should write something else to fill it up? Ok, here I go:

I love the fact that Dreamcast games come to the PSN an XBL. Great idea, good prices, now the last thing that is necessary is a good selection of games. I'm playing Shenmue 1 for my very first time at the moment, and I really love it! Still not very far in, but oh well... Actually, if the rumors about the subscription based PSN service are true and you could download some PSone titles for free with it, why not incorporate Dreamcast games in that service? Just a thought...
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