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[Wii/Rumor] Goldeneye 007 Remake on E3?


Yep, reading a spanish blog I saw some rumors that said this, GOLDENEYE 007 REMAKE will show up on E3 and will be amazing if it show up, problem, it will be published thanks to the evil empire of doom called ACTIVISION...

Heres some rumors of the game:
- Development duties have been split between UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space
- Will be appearing on Wii and DS
- Absolute REMAKE of GOLDENEYE 007 of the N64
- Will be launched on November 2010
- The only stuff changed are some characters or actors in some roles, most notably, Daniel Craig as James.
-Split Screen 4 player multi, and 8 players online.

In my opinion, Goldeneye 007 should be devploved by BUNGIE, why?, a lot of EX-RARE Devs are there, they know almost all about Goldeneye, well, at least its a full REMAKE only with faces updated.

Pray guys...

Remake Goldeneye 007 [dswii.es]
Activision GoldenEye game in November [Eurogamer]
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