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Why Activision are the Best Publisher Ever and stuff

Oh hi, I didn't see you there. I still don't because this is the internet (unless you have a webcam, in which case i'm looking at you). Anyway i've been on Destructoid for a few weeks now and i've noticed that these blog type things are all awesome (well not all) so I decided to do one. I didn't know what to write though.
After thinking it over with much thought I think I thunk the answer. Instead of being original, I could write about the things that I've often seen in the C-blogs. Read on for words.

Are Games Art?
No. They are better than art, because they are fun

Look at this famous art

Which looks more fun?

All the cool destructoid kids are doing it so so am I

Why Activision is the Best Publisher ever (this list goes to six)

1. Lots of games in the one franchise: Activision saw how much we loved Guitar Hero, so they made lots of them. They are deliberately similar because of how much we loved the 1st one

2. They didn't want Brutal Legend: Activision looked at the charts and saw the people of today don't like rock music, so instead of publishing Brutal Legend, they have a new game called Hip Hop legend starring 50cent coming June 2011

3. Modern Warfare 2 had glitches: By the time MW2 came out Infinity Ward had lost Activision billions and they knew it would have to be closed, so Activision put glitches in there to give the poor IW guys more work

4. They buy developers then close them: Activision saw how many development houses there were in the world and felt this was bad for the environment, so they are slowly buying them all one by one to save the penguins

5. Stimulus Package: Some people have complained that the Stimulus Package was overpriced, but remember it cost Activision a few thousand dollars to make, so they're actually selling it at a significant loss

6. They invented the FPS: Before CoD4 there were lots of games pretending to be FPS like Battlefield or Halo, but these games were infact Bejeweled clones masquerading as an FPS. CoD4 changed all this when it introduced new ideas like aiming, guns, grenades and buildings to the gaming industry

There you go, undeniable proof That Activision is the best publisher ever.

Final Fantasy 13 Review

This is an exact account of my 5 hours with the game.
Left stick forward
Battle: X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,L1,X,X,X,X,X Victory
Left Stick forward
Cutscene: Vanille: Yeah, teamwork.
Lightning: Sanctum Cocoon Pulse Fal'cie, for Serah
Snow: I'm so freaking awesome, focus Purge Cie'th
Left stick forward


Also Vanille acts like a little girl, but she's taller than Hope (who acts like a teenager) and has breasts. WTF.

Thank you for reading. You are a sexy Saxaphone.
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