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I was inspired to make a list. So I did.

Well, mrandydixon's list inspired me to make my own. So here are some lists of video game related things that I like. I hope you like them too. Also, in an effort to break up the text, I have included some pictures intermittently placed throughout. They are just things I found floating around in my head and don't have any relation to the list. Lists are fun and I encourage you all to make one. Oh, and a shout out to RenegadePanda's list for making me chuckle quite a bit. Hope everyone's Tuesday is going well.

Top 5 RPG’s

1) Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Earthbound
3) Shadow Hearts: Covenant
4) Legend of Legaia
5) Planescape: Torment

Top 5 Sports Games

1) Mutant League Football
2) Caveman Games
3) American Gladiators
4) Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball
5) Base Wars

Top 5 Fighting Games

1) Marvel vs Capcom
2) Rival Schools
3) Street Fighter 3rd Strike
4) Killer Instinct Gold
5) Time Killers

Top 5 Action/Adventure Games

1) Shadow of the Colossus
2) Beyond Good and Evil
3) ICO
4) Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
5) Steel Harbinger

Top 5 Weapons in video games

1) Pistol in Halo: Combat Evolved
2) Spread Gun - Contra
3) Super Shotgun – Doom 2
4) Cerebral Bore –Turok 2
5) Green Turtle Shell – Mario series

Top 5 Villains in video games

1) Kefka – Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) GLaDOS - Portal
3) Andrew Ryan – Bioshock
4) Albert Wesker – Resident Evil series
5) Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Top 5 FMV Games

1) Phantasmagoria
2) Corpse Killer
3) Bug Blasters: The Exterminators
4) Braindead 13
5) Harvester

Top 5 Video Game Moments

1) Opera scene in Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Every moment that occurs because your sanity meter is full in Eternal Darkness
3) Deadly Premonition’s last boss fight
4) Swinging around in Spider-Man 2
5) Dogs jumping through the window in Resident Evil

Top 5 Video Game Heroes

1) Cyan – Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Mike Haggar – Final Fight
3) Baby Head – Captain Commando
4) Joachim Valentine – Shadow Hearts: Covenant
5) Mega Man – Mega Man series

Top 5 Video Game Enemies

1) Nurses – Silent Hill series
2) Zombies – Resident Evil 1-3
3) Andore – Final Fight
4) Tonberries – Final Fantasy VII
5) Headcrabs – Half-Life series

Top 5 Video Game Bosses

1) Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2
2) Birdo – Super Mario Bros 2
3) Abobo – Double Dragon
4) The Butcher – Diablo
5) Kraken - Earthbound

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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